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Herringbone oak parquet

12/3.3x125x625 mm

Price: 52.80€/m2

Chevron oak parquet

12/3.3x125x625 mm

Price: 68.40€/m2

Lauparkett TAMM

12/3.3×145/160/180×1200-3000 mm

Prices from: 45.50€/m2

Täistammest siseuks 1-paneeliga

Price: 570€/complect

Oak parquet rustik oiled

11/3x140x1460 mm

Price: 45€/m2

Solid oak floorboards

20.5x180x800-2800 mm

Price: 55.80€/m2 

Veneer parquet oak Canal

10.6x190x1500 mm

Price: 31€/m2

Parquet glue Stauf Multilayer

Price: 112€/18 kg bucket

Herringbone oak parquet ECW

14/3x140x700 mm

Price: 38.50€/m2

Fishbone parquet oak rustik

16x68x340 mm

Price: 29€/m2 


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