1-lip Tamm Rustic, click, valge mattlakk

Oak rustic, click, white mat-laquer

Multilayer parquet

Multilayer parquet where the top layer is valuable wood. Middle and bottom layers are from softwood or hardwood. The middle layer is crossed between top and bottom layer. This way produced parquet is most stable and durable for changes in temperature and humidity in the room.

Engineered parquet is suitable for underfloor heating!

Engineered parquet on plywood OAK

Construction: 3-layer/ 1-strip

Top layer: 2.5-3.8 mm

Thicknesses: 14 mm

Widths: 155/180 mm

Lengths: 1800/2200 mm

Connection: glueless Easy Lock (5G)

Bevels: bevels all sides

Finish: laquered

Installation: glueless or gluing down

Moisture: 8% (+-2%)

Grades: active