Kalasaba parkett ECW

ECW Herringbone oak parquet

Construction: 2-kihiline (Ecoboard OSB või vineeril) või 3-kihiline (vineer/tamm/vineer)

Parquet measurements:

14.5/4 x 115 x 575/690 mm

14.5 x 140 x 700/840 mm

14.5 x 180 x 900 mm

Lengths: It is possible to order different parquet lengths for orders 100 m2 and more

Connection: Tongue-Groove (T&G)

Bevels: bevels all sides

Finish on top: smooth, brushed, oiled (Saicos)

Installation: gluing down

Parquet moisture: 8% (+-2%)

Grades: rustik, original, natur, select

Suitable for underfloor heating!


14.5x140x700/840 mm 

Soodushind 47€/m2 (Rustic Ecoboard)

Prices include VAT!

Grades description:

Rustic - Oak floorboards are characterized by knots, more colour variations, natural micro-cracks. Such boards have a contrasted wood pattern with sound (live) knots and larger filled knots that are not limited, there may also be some core boards. The knots emphasizes the liveliness of the wood, and the variety of colours reveals the true beauty of the wood.

Original – Lubatud erineva suurusega väiksemad ja suuremad oksakohad. Puidutooni erinevus. Ilma maltspuiduta. 

Selekt - Oak floorboards are characterized by a small, moderate knots, natural colour differences of wood.
The limited number of small and larger, healthy and filled knots emphasizes the naturalness of the oak wood. No core boards nor sapwood permitted. These oak floorboards are both expressive and reserved, so they go well with a variety of interior solutions.

Premium - Top quality oak floorboards. They are characterized by low variations in colour, only single, small sound (live) knots are approved in the process of manufacturing. Such floorboards create an image of luxury, they are impressive both in natural oak colours as well as when they are covered with a multi-layer (natural oil) finish.