RP Herringbone parquet

RP Herringbone oak parquet

Herringbone oak parquet RP

Construction: 2-layer

Top layer: 3.3 mm and above

Parquet measurements: 12x125x375/500/625 mm

                               12x145x580/725 mm

                                12x160x800 mm

                                16/4x200x400 mm (classic, premium)

Connection: T&G

Bevels: bevels all sides

Finish on top: Laquer/oiled/brushed

Installation: gluing down

Moisture: 8% (+-2%)

Grades: country, classic, natur, premium


Country – 56.50€/m2 (12x125x625 mm)

Classic – 52.80€ (12x125x375 mm)

Natur – 67.50€/m2 (12x125x625 mm)

Oiling  – 10€/m2 (2 kihti)

Laquering – 15€/m2

UV laquering – 13€/m2 (min 100 m2)

Brushing - 3€/m2

Prices include VAT!

Grades description:

Country - natural pattern, knots up to 85 mm diameter, cracks, brown filler, sapwood allowed, brushed surface.

Classic traditional grade, knots up to 65 mm diameter, little cracks, brown filler, no sapwood, slightly brushed surface.

Natur - selected grade, knots up to 35 mm diameter, no sapwood, slightly brushed surface.

Premium - selected grade, healthy knots up to 3% of width of the board, no spawood, smooth surface.