Rustic saare

Liistparkett saar rustik

Strip parquet is produced from solid wood it is a natural product. Mainly the strip parquet is from oak or ash wood. The advantage of the strip parquet on the installation is that you can lay down different and amazing patterns which gives the room an elegant interior.

Wood is a natural product. Wood have variation in colour, texture and appearance.

Construction: solid wood ASH

Thicknesses: 16 mm

Widths: 50/68 mm

Lengths: 204/272/340/408/500 mm

Connection: tongue and groove four sides (T&G)

Bevels: without bevels/four sides

Finish: unfinished

Moisture: 8% (+-2%)

Grades: rustik – väga looduslik, dünaamiline ning tooni osas kontrastne sort. Puidutooni erinevus valgest pruunini.


226.50€/m2 – 16x68x204 mm

28.80€/m2 – 16x68x272 mm

31.20€/m2  – 16x68x340 mm

34.80€/m2 – 16x68x408/476 mm

Prices include VAT!