Solid wood floorboards

Solidwood flooring OAK and ASH

Flooring from solid wood is a natural product, which has always original appearance in color, pattern and other visual beauty.

Wooden flooring from oak and ash are the most beautiful and everlasting flooring solutions for wooden lovers. It can be renewed over and over again.

Wood is a natural product. Wood have variation in colour, texture and appearance.

Põrandalaud tamm VERY VERY RUSTIC

20.5×120/140/160/180/200 mm

Price from 47€/m2

Põrandalaud tamm N/R ja NATUR

20.5×120/140/160/180/200 mm

Hind alates 55€/m2

Oak floorboards N/R LONG

20.5×120/140/160/180/200 mm

Lengths 2800-3000 mm

Hind alates 62.50€/m2

Põrandalaud tamm RUSTIC

20.5×160/180/200 mm

Price from 60€/m2

Oak floorboards SELECT

20.5×120/180/200 mm

Hind alates 66€/m2

Oak flooring PREMIUM

20.5×120/140/160/180/200 mm

Hind alates 69.90€/m2

Solid oak short

20.5×120/140/180/200 mm

Lengths 400-800 mm

Hind 52.90€/m2

Oak flooring RUSTIC

20x210x600-3000 mm

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Oak flooring NATUR

20x180x600-3000 mm

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Solid oak 16 mm rustik

16×105 mm

16×130 mm

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Solid ash rustik

15×140 mm

20×140 mm

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Solid ash natur

15×140 mm

20×140/180 mm

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