Solid wood floorboards

Solid wood floorboards

Solid wood floorboards is a natural product which always has variations in color, texture, appearance and other visual imperfections.

Boards are ready to finish and with tongue and groove all sides.

They are properly packed to make all handling and installation easier. Shrink-wrapped packages protect each pallet of flooring from atmospheric moisture and dust.

PL 120 natur rustic oak

PL 140 natur rustic oak

PL 180 natur rustic oak

PL 200 natur rustic oak


PL 180 select oak

PL 160 premium oak

PL 180 premium oak

PL 200 premium oak

PL Natur oak

Floorboards oak 16 mm

PL ash rustik

PL ash natur

Floorboards oak SHORT

Floorboards FISHBONE