Oak Interior doors

Oak interior doors

Interior doors are made of solid oak planks glued together.

In all panels places is possible oak or glass.

Doors are produced based on sizes required by the customer.

Door set includes:

  • Leaf (massive oak)
  • Frame (fingerjointed oak)
  • Moldings (size 9x68 mm)
  • Hinges (3 pieces)
  • Rubber
  • Lock (Abloy 2014)

Interior door sizes:

Width from 700 to 950 mm

Height up to 2120 mm

Door frame width from 80-140 mm

Possible to order different door accessories!

1 panel design

Hind alates 510€/komplekt.

2 panel design

Hind alates 474€/komplekt

3 panel design

Hind alates 441€/komplekt.

4 panel design

Hind alates 503€/komplekt.

5+ panel design

Hind alates 594€/komplekt.

Flat doors

Special design doors

Hind alates 538€/komplekt.

Oak interior doors designs and colors in Estonian

Oak interior doors designs and colors in English